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What to Expect Here

Danielle FrinkThose of us who fall outside the “typical” mold of college students are lumped together like some sort of weird sub-species.  What unites us is the fact that we all bring to our classrooms something more than just 13 years of book learning.  We’ve got what most people refer to as “life experiences” under our belts.  While the book learning stuff is important for a university setting, a few encounters with the “real world” often proves to be much more critical to a successful undergraduate career. 
Regardless of the differences between us, non-traditional students do have common interest and I hope to address some of those things that are vitally important to our community.  From the recent changes made by the university that may adversely affect us (loss of dependent coverage in our student health insurance) to the culture shock of learning alongside people who weren’t even born when we graduated from high school, I’ll examine issues from the unique persepective as a mature learner and try to represent the interests of non-traditional students in general.

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