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Moving On :(

Well, since I’m no longer officially a non-traditional student, I am looking forward to new things but that means I will be leaving the old behind. Among the many things I will not miss like homework, exams and obnoxious traditional classmates, I am sort of sad to wrap up this blog. Given the complete lack of attention I gave it in my final quarter, I already felt guilty for letting down my readers – now that I’m officially pulling the plug, I really feel like a heel. However, I will be leaving this up for future use, and if someone comes up with a question for me, I’ll do my best to respond promptly and privately. I will be starting a new blog that will be much less targeted but much more post-graduate in theme and content.

Just to cheer up anyone who will really miss me – I’m on Facebook and Twitter and try to update them a couple of times a week. I can usually squeeze a sentence or two out every couple of days 🙂

Once I have new digs (a new blog that is) set up, I will return to edit this post and add the link. For all the people contemplating returning to college as an “old fart,” I wish you lots of luck, patience and perserverance!!

*** Danielle

Check out the link – I’m up and running!!!


July 3, 2009 - Posted by | Maturity, Student Life

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  1. I will miss this blog! I am glad that you are keeping it here though. And it is really good you are adding a link to your new one too. I will go and check it out.

    I think this blog will still really help other nontraditional students – they will know that you did it!

    I look forward to your next blog too.

    Yay though – no more homework, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks… etc. etc.

    I will have to re-read your postings and find out how it all went. Bye for now

    -Elizabeth S.

    Comment by E. Sheppard | August 3, 2009

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