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Sound Off!!

I’m going to try a simpler way to do this – I hope.  Take part in this poll – and if you think I missed an answer, feel free to let me know in the comments area.  I’ll post some results after the poll closes on March 8th.

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And here are the results: 

  • 33% Said that group work was their biggest pet peeve
  • 33% Said that younger classmates who don’t have respect for the professor and the rest of the class was their biggest pet peeve
  • 33% Said that an administration that ignores the needs of non-traditional students was their biggest pet peeve

Yeah, I know – that’s only 99% but that’s what PollDaddy boiled them down to. 

I’m going to link back to a couple of earlier posts that focus on these issues so everyone who’s new to the blog can see what I’ve already had to say on these fun subjects – except for any particular observations on traditional students, which I guess I will post about this week.  Can’t believe I forgot to cover that topic in more than just passing.

Group Work

Administration woes: here and here

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