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Calling All Commuters!!

I’m going to be writing about commuting over the next couple of weeks, and I need your help!  I’d like to look at the types of commutes we non-trads face to get to UC, and what – if any – additional steps or stops are involved.  I’m particularly interested in talking about the longest commutes, the most complicated routes and any commuting horror stories that you all have to share.  You can post your stories as comments here, or if you’d rather, just email them to me at daniellefrink@gmail.com – please include your first name, age and major, regardless of how you submit your info.

Thanks in advance – I’m looking forward to comparing traffic trials with everyone!! 🙂

*** Danielle


January 19, 2009 - Posted by | Student Life

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  1. I think a half mile of icy, icy, icy sidewalk ^downhill^ rivals most driving hassles — at least as far as they risk my butt landing on the pavement.
    – Elizabeth, 25, Journalism

    Comment by laskyea | January 21, 2009

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